Do you want to get rid of your bulky wallet ?

Do you want to travel without that heavy wallet in your pocket ?

For sure, you like to wear fitted jacket or blazer without worrying about that big wallet that does not suit your outfit ?

You want to be the modern man ? The one who master his destiny and doesn't follow others ?

Going out tonight and only need your cards and some cash ?




For these reasons and for a million others, I-CLIP is for you.

You will store all you need (ID card, credit cards, driving license, business cards, social security card, loyalty cards, public transport card) and also banknotes in a small and light wallet.

You can quickly select the one card you need, just by sliding with one finger the different cards and by choosing through the large window on the back.

Also very easily sort your pound banknotes, from the 5£ up-front to the large 50£ on the back. The money clip included in the frame helps you hold tightly your banknotes. Then you just have to fold them twice in order to close your wallet.

Receipts and other tickets are also very welcome in your I-CLIP.




As practical as it is, I-CLIP also looks nice, with a selection of high-quality leather. From the cowhide-leather to the sturgeon-leather, from the calf to the caiman, we offer a very large assortment of models. So your I-CLIP will adapt to your personality, as well as to your style.

The label “Made in Germany” is also so true, since the whole production is home-made, in the fabric based in the German vineyard. The high-tech plastic frame, entitled ROBUTENSE, to magnify the mix between its robustness and its tensibility, has a long-term life expectation. You can keep it during many years and keep on playing with the clip to make a nice clap-sound.

Already hundreds of thousands of people have already made the change and won’t track back.

Men love it. Women love it for their men too. Businessmen, sportive, dynamic, urban, professional people have adopted it.

Make the change… All-in for I-CLIP !